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Update: Bosco is now pursuing biomedical engineering at University of Texas at Arlington! His determination and perseverance have made us so proud of him.

The first refugee family you meet and work with has a special place in your heart, especially if they are a sweet natured Congolese family.

I had the honour of being introduced to Bosco and his family through Zeenath, the head coordinator and lead at DFW Outreach Services. I had showed interest in visiting refugee families so she invited me to come along with her one Sunday morning.

Bosco, his three siblings, and mother are refugees from Congo. When I met them they had been in the U.S. for only three months. When we sat down to talk to them about how they are doing and what they need, they smiled and said they were okay. Bosco, 19 years old, is the one we communicated with most since he spoke English. Usually refugees are shy to ask for anything even if they are in dire need. The Boscos were no different. Suspecting this, we kindly asked if we could look through the kitchen to make sure they had the essentials. The fridge and freezer were empty. With our hearts aching Zeenath and I started making a list of their urgent needs. Before we left we gave them some kitchen essentials and made sure we had our food sponsors to ensure this family would have food delivered to them.

The one thing that stood out most when I first visited this family was that even with a near empty fridge they were always smiling. The other thing that really stuck out was Bosco’s eagerness to learn and continue his education. This is what inspired me to collect funds to buy him a laptop. I’ll never forget the expression on his face when I delivered it to him. He was in awe and kept thanking me. I then told him not to thank me and told him that this gift was on behalf of my amazing community. He couldn’t believe there were actually people he didn’t even know out there who cared for him. He then eagerly asked to come visit my community and meet the generous people who made this possible for him.

It doesn’t matter what race or religion you are. A refugee is a human in need of our help. DFW Outreach Services makes it possible for us to reach out to all refugees in need of basic essentials and mentor-ship until they find their way.

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