ESL Beginner’s

ESL Beginner’s taught by Fatima 10-11 every Monday and Tuesday.
Language is an important tool for all refugees, in their new society for economic and social progress.

ESL Advance

ESL Advance taught by Hiba every Monday 11-12
ESL is inseparable program for almost every refugees. Language barrier can lead to a whole host of challenges that can easily cause stress and frustration for incoming refugees. ESL programs help individuals overcome such challenges.

Driving Classes

Driving Classes are taught by tamanna every Wednesday and Thursday 10-12
Learning to drive can mean the difference between successfully settling into a new community or not.

Sewing Classes

Sewing 101 Class is taught by sharifa every Wednesday from 10-12
We believe in activism through education,” Sewing classes are fun and useful. Students love to learn together and enjoy time together. Practical skills can help refugees specially single moms to be independent by supplementing their income. The idea is to provide refugees with opportunities for sustaining themselves, with opportunities for sustaining themselves.