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Kabuli Pulao
Afghanistan’s most famous dish, long grained basmati rice with beef, delightfully seasoned, topped with raisins, almonds, and julienne carrot.

Half Tray $60
Full Tray $120

Kobida With Rice
Skewers of juice beef Kobida kababs with rice.

5 Skewers $30

Afghani Roht
This sweet, dense bread flavored with cardamom.

Each $10

Chicken Biryani
Crowd favorite rice and chicken flavored with authentic seasonings.

Half Tray $50
Full Tray $100

A culinary preparation made of milk that is sweetened and thickened.

Half Tray $20
Full Tray $40

Chicken Karahi
A delicious, spicy & flavorful dish made with chicken, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic & freshly ground spices.

Half Tray $50
Full Tray $95

Chapli Kabab
Pashtun style minced beef patties seasoned with special spices and pan fried.

One Dozen $30

Afghani Kulcha
Afghan kulcha (Afghan cookies), is very simple yet very delicious. Afghan kulcha, is prepared in many ways but can be made with different toppings and designs or flavor. These cookies are usually served with chai (tea).

One dozen $12

Soft and delicious meatballs in a spicy curry.

One dozen $30
Two dozen $60

Juicy Charga With Rice
Full chicken marinated it flavorful spices and roasted to perfection and served with fragrant rice.

$25 (Without rice $18