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Mansaf is a traditional Jordanian dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice. Mansaf is one of the premier dishes in the Jordanian cuisine. It draws upon the country’s strong Bedouin influence.

Half tray Chicken: $ 50
Full tray: $95
Half tray Lamb: $75
Full tray Lamb: $150 

Maqluba is a traditional Arab dish that consists of meat, rice, and fried vegetables placed in a pot which is flipped upside down when served, hence the name maqluba which translates literally as “upside-down.” The dish goes back centuries and is found in the Kitab al-Tabikh, a collection of 13th century recipes.

Half tray Chicken: $50
Full tray : $95
Half tray Lamb: $75
Full tray: $ 150 

Quzi also spelled as qoozi or ghoozi, is a rice-based dish popular in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. It is served with very slowly cooked lamb, roasted nuts, and raisins served over rice.It is considered one of Iraq’s national dishes and was introduced into Turkey by Syrian immigrants.

Half tray Chicken: $50
Full tray : $95
Half tray Lamb: $75
Full tray: $ 150

Chicken Mandi
This tasty Chicken Mandi combines an amazingly flavorful roasted marinated chicken with smoky rice that is an unbelievable treat for dinner! Here, the rice and chicken are slow-cooked in a hot oven where the rice is flavoured from the chicken fat drippings and both get the smoky flavour from the burned charcoal making Mandi the most sought after Arabic rice dish.

Half: $50
Full : $ 95

Jordanian Fish

3 whole fish cooked in a delicious exotic sauce with delectable vegetables. Fish is blackened and served on a bed of rice with Tahini sauce on the side.

Half tray, 3 whole fish: $70
Full tray 6 whole fish: $ 110 


Kanafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with shredded filo pastry, or alternatively fine semolina dough, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese, or with other ingredients such as clotted cream or nuts

Half tray: $35
Full tray: $ 50 

Kahk cookies
The lightly spiced crumbly cookie stuffed with sweet dates.

12 pieces: $15


Half tray: $50
Full tray: $95

Chicken and Potato Entree

Half tray: $40
Full tray : $75

Stuffed Green Leaves
Also called Dolma are grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices.

12 pieces for $15


2 pieces:$5


2 for $5


Half tray: $ 25
Full tray: $45