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Faisal Jamal’s Family

By December 29, 2021No Comments

On the night of Monday, October 5th the lives of sister Rahmah and her young two daughters changed forever when her husband Faisal Jamal met with an accident.

Faisal Jamal was such a person that helped everyone. He was not only a doting father and husband but also a great son. When his mom’s kidneys failed, he took her to India and donated his one kidney to her. She is still living! Subhan Allah.

The family had moved to the US from Somalia as refugees and finally, brother Faisal had started driving a truck and they were beginning to settle down here. He and his cousin were driving the truck and they stopped to pray Isha Salah. After the Salah his cousin and he switched driving and brother Faisal went to sleep. The truck turned over and brother Faisal got crushed under the load they were carrying.

His wife Rahmah is so strong and shows so much Faith, she needs help only till her Iddath and is determined to start working after that. Thank you to all the generous donors who helped this family.

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