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By December 29, 2021No Comments

What started as just an effort to get this family groceries unfolded into a very horrid situation. Laldad is not one to ever complain and his patience is something we have never seen before. Our volunteers saw that his apartment is completely infested with rats. The rats and bugs are bitting the children. The children were extremely depressed and the wife needs surgery and has not been able to get an appointment with a specialist yet. She was in so much pain that tears rolled down her eyes but she did not complain. Any and all food they open rats infest it. Yet the apartment management company was dismissive of their situation. After exhausting all our options of getting them out of their apartment, we had to finally break the lease and move them to a new apartment. Laldad did not have a job for two months, they lived in a rat and bed bugs infested apartment for 6 months, his wife in pain, all this while they never complained.

We would like to thank all our generous donors who helped move this family out of this unhabitable situation. After Laldad moved into his new apartment we finally saw a smile on his wife and children’s face. It was almost as if we were talking to a different person. May no one go through the suffering that this family went through.

Old Apartment:

New Apartment:

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