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So this one is an extremely sad situation. As we entered the apartment, the smell/stench was awful. Then we saw all the kids were in seriously bad shape, itching and all. After enquiring what was going on the parents informed us that the apartment is infested with rats and other minute bugs that have been biting the family. Parents were so distressed explaining the situation, Subhanallah. Liaqat has been calling his caseworker as well as been to the leasing office several times but no action has been taken so far. We looked at every child’s body and they were badly bitten from head to toe. So we enquired about the smell and were told that the upstairs apartment toilet is leaking and hence coming down the ceiling! This is so unreal and heartbreaking. This family is the nicest I have met so far.
So we decided to go to the leasing office so some resolution can be reached. As soon as we entered the leasing office, the assistant manager recognized us and was on the defense. She told us that Liaquat never filed any complaint, that we are putting words in her mouth, and that she is not going to speak to us. I introduced myself to her but she still refused to talk to us and called the security on us. She refused to look at the pictures, she refused to come with us to have a look at the apartment!

Yes. This was my first, “security called on me!”.We were outside the leasing office and the security guy was really nice. We explained the situation and our plight, showed him the pictures, he was at least empathetic. He advised us to keep on putting in work orders. There are constant lines on liaquat’s forehead. Zeenath our lead and founder broke down in the middle of the road after talking to the security personnel.

Through your generosity, we were able to raise an amount that is higher than we have ever raised for a single-family. With the consistent hard work of our volunteers (who are heavily invested in every family we nurture), we were able to arrange for them to move. When we first asked for Liaqat to be moved to another apartment, the leasing management would not hear us out and, in fact, vehemently denied our request. We then got a doctor to check Liaqat’s whole family and testify to the bug bites on everyone. With the doctor’s note, we were finally able to convince the IRC to move the family. After much effort, another suitable apartment was finally found.

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