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August-September 2020

In the months of August and September, we have been able to help families with groceries, new beds and mattresses, household supplies such as pillows, sheets, towels, blankets, kitchen items such as dishes, microwave ovens, electric kettles. We have also been able to give them hygiene and cleaning supplies. Several families also received diapers, baby gear, carseats and strollers. Some families also received rental assistance.

To further our goal of mentoring and helping the families succeed we provided 4 men with laptops so that they can acquire skills, join college courses and look for work. 3 men received cars that they can use to look for a job or go to work and take care of their families. We are connecting several men and women to job opportunities and helping them apply. Our volunteers are helping families with school enrollment, medicaid applications, applying for unemployment benefits and so on.

We also gave phones to 5 women to enable them to stay in touch with their families back home. Portable washing machines were provided so that large families don’t have to wash clothes in a sink or tub. We were able to give airfare to help unite a mother with a baby she had to leave behind due to paperwork/lockdown.

Our teachers are tirelessly surveying students in need of extra help, setting up zoom and scheduling classes. Our women mentors are diligently working to set up catering businesses, sewing classes to empower these women in supporting their families during these tough times. We provided women dishes and pots and pans to help start their catering business. Women received sewing machines that can be a source of income for their family. Our youth leaders are mentoring kids on weekly basis to learn and adapt to their new surroundings.

We had our annual pizza and ice cream party where over 60 kids received pizza, ice cream, juice, snacks, balloons and bubbles. 300 children received backpacks and school supplies and 50 children received scooters.

All of this would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors and hard work of our team members and volunteers. Everyday we strive to better ourselves, learn and listen to the families who have lost way too much, to start a new life.

What People Want to know

Team listed on website

Zeenat, Maliha, Stacy and Hiba

Is DFWROS a nonprofit organization?


Is DFWROS religion based?

No, but religious classes are offered to Muslim refugees if requested.

What payment forms does DFWROS accept?

Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, checks, and cash.

What is acceptable to donate?

New/good condition clothes, food items, essentials, toiletries, electronics, canned goods, etc. If you do have a question about donating an item not mentioned here, you can contact us through Facebook message or email.

Do you do furniture pickup?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Where are the families you mentor located?

The DFW Metroplex.

What are the requirements to be a mentor?

A mentor must be patient, committed, and have a flexible schedule. (available at least twice a week for up to 6 hours)

Do you provide tax receipts to donors?