Mentoring Program

DFWROS was started to help refugees successfully adapt to their new society. We’re working to help these refugees thrive.

How It Works

Mentoring a family requires patient listening to their needs and concerns on a weekly basis. We help families with many things; simple and complicated that we take for granted such as: how to speak and communicate in English (e.g. ESL registration), how to gain access to skills, how to register children for school, how to use simple household appliances, how and where to store food, how to cross a road, how to get a library card, how to keep their apartment clean, how to maintain personal hygiene and so much more. 

The refugees will also be enrolled in the formal DFWROS Mentorship Program which has the following goals:


Mentoring Guidelines

  • Visit ever week.
  • Check on the family.
  • Inform/teach about stove, dishwasher, oven so on if needed.
  • Teach how to store food, hygiene, cleaning.
  • Help open the laundry card if needed.
  • Help with library card.
  • Any mental issues, health issues.
  • Job applications, interview prep.
  • Help enroll in Driving classes, ESL classes and so on.
  • Just provide a listening ear.
  • Teach how to use FS, remind to renew.
  • School help, talk to kids about school, grades homework bullying and so on.
  • Personal health