DFWROS values the significance of delivering Ramadan essentials to refugees, recognizing the challenges they encounter due to displacement. For around five years, our annual Ramadan distribution project, supported by partners, volunteers, and staff, has brought both challenges and joy. We ensure our essentials cater to cultural and health needs, directly witnessing the impact of displacement on families during Ramadan and Eid.
The importance of providing Ramadan essentials includes:

Humanitarian Aid

Offering basic needs to refugees as a form of support.

Nutritional Support

Including suhoor and iftar items to ensure families receive essential nutrients.

Preserving Dignity

Enabling personal hygiene and appropriate clothing during this significant month.

Support and Care

Reminding refugees they are not alone, fostering a sense of community.

Encouraging Resilience

Allowing refugees to observe Ramadan rituals, promoting spiritual growth and resilience.

In essence, our effort to distribute Ramadan essentials symbolizes compassion, solidarity, and acknowledgment of the dignity and rights of displaced individuals.